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The Lodge

A former manager's house built in 1979.

Staying at the Lodge

The current lodge was built in the 1970s to replace the old farm manager's house which had moved to Goose Green.  The lodge has some great views over the Choiseul Sound, Wickham Heights, and the 'roof of the Falklands' Mt Usborne currently has: 

  • 2 double rooms

  • 2 twin rooms 

  • 2 twin/double rooms

  • Large comfortable lounge, conservatory, and a well-stocked honesty bar. 

  • Full and half-day guided tours

  • Transport to/from Mount Pleasant Airport

In addition, there are ironing and laundry facilities for a small fee, WiFi, guest 141 telephone, souvenirs available for purchase, stamps, postcards, and packed lunches can be made upon request.

Sustainability Policy

A great asset of the Falkland Islands is that its environment is relatively pure and unpolluted. 

Darwin House recognises its responsibility to respect the environment and is committed to achieving environmental best practices as a team, where practically possible throughout its business activity.

We continually seek ways to conserve and protect natural resources, to minimise the wastage of raw materials and energy, whilst providing a consistent and quality product and service to our guests.

We conduct internal environmental reviews and annually assess our progress towards improved environmental performance and revise as necessary.

Our customers and guests are made aware of our sustainability policy and to give them the option to help us achieve it.

To read our full sustainability policy click this link. 

Fish Dish
Dine at the Lodge

Our delicious food is home-cooked and is available to pre-order to guests who are booked in the lodge. 

Traditionally we have done smokos to visitors looking around the area for a day.  At the moment we don't have a drop-in facility for a coffee or food like previously but keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates. 

The Veteran Medal

Dotted around the lodge there are some interesting artifacts left.  In the bar, there is even a South Atlantic Medal which was awarded to a British veteran from the 1982 Falklands War. 


The veteran who wishes to remain anonymous has kindly allowed us to display his medal but under the understanding that should he wish it back we will return it immediately. 

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