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Welcome to Darwin House Lodge

Darwin is a great place to start your Falkland Islands adventure and get a real introduction into the early history and culture of the islands.  You'll be staying in comfortable accommodation and be introduced to living out in 'camp'. 

The location of the lodge is on the shores of the Choiseul Sound where you'll be able to view the 'roof of the Falklands' Mt Usborne and is surrounded by wildlife as well as being near accessible walking routes. We look forward to welcoming our residents and non-residents to sample warm hospitality and delicious home cooked food we have to offer. 

Our Story

The journey began in 1859 following a visit to the area from the famous naturalist

and geologist Charles Darwin.  

Find out more

Come along and visit one of the most historic settlements in the Falkland Islands all while staying in a comfortable and cosy lodge. 

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