History of Darwin Settlement

The settlement of Darwin is named after the famous naturalist Charles Darwin, who visited the area in 1833.  He is reputed to have spent the night at the site of Darwin.  The settlement was founded in 1859, initially as a centre for cattle ranching and, later, for sheep farming. dscf0217

 A large stone corral and cattle shed, built in the late 1800s, still stand

Darwin was once the largest centre of population outside Stanley with over 200 workers on the payroll.  At the height of its development, the community included shepherds and farm hands, as well as master craftsmen, a doctor, a schoolmaster and a parson.

By 1920 the site had become too small for the growing population and, over the next two years, all the farm buildings, the church and most of the houses were transferred to Goose Green.  As they were built of wood, it was possible to jack them up, position them on sleds and haul them to the new location.